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FLoat tree system

Tired of .......................

Having to climb into pump chambers?

Straps breaking?

Floats hanging up?

Tangled wires?

Having to remove straps, floats, & wires to replace a pump?

Virtually eliminate these issues with our Float Tree Accessories!

Made in the USA

STF-106 FTB Float Tree Bracket

The float tree bracket is used to mount the float tree (length of schedule 40 PVC pipe) directly to the pump chamber riser.  Maintenance, inspections and float adjustments can then be performed without entering the pump chamber.  Simply unsnap or slide up the float tree, perform the necessary maintenance and snap the float tree back in place.  This also keeps the pump discharge pipe clear of floats, wires, and straps for easy pump removal and replacement. 

STF-106FTB-1.00 fits 1" PVC pipe

STF-106FTB-1.25-1.50 fits 1-1/4" and 1-1/2" PVC pipe

STF-106FTB-2.00 fits 2" PVC pipe

STF-FHHW Float Holder Hard-Wire

The float holder hard-wire has three holes for the float wiring to be threaded through.  The holder snaps into place on the float tree hold the float in position.  The holder can easily be adjusted to the desired level.  The holder keeps the wires organized and away from the effluent pump to virtually eliminate tangled wires and float hang up.

STF-FHHW-1.00 fits 1" PVC pipe

STF-FHHW-1.25-1.50 fits 1-1/4" and 1-1/2" PVC pipe

STF-FHHW-2.00 fits 2" PVC pipe

STF-FHPB Float Holder Piggy-Back

The float holder piggy back performs the same functions as the float holder hard wire, but can be used in situations when the float wiring can’t be threaded through holes.

STF-FHPB-1.00 fits 1" PVC pipe

STF-FHPB-1.25-1.50 fits 1-1/4" and 1-1/2" PVC pipe

STF-FHPB-2.00 fits 2" PVC pipe

STF-JHOOK Cord, Wire, Rope Organizer

The J-Hook is used to organize the excess wire that is needed to allow for the removal of the float tree from the pump chamber.  They also come in very handy in any other situation that you are looking to organize wires, cables, ropes, etc.

Click through the gallery below to see Sim/Tech products in the field and more.

Float tree system for holding floats separate from force main to easily service floats
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