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Clean-Out sweeps

long radius clean-out sweep for flushing pressure lateral piping

Sweep Access

The STF-112 valve box is the solution.  It is a 9” tall unit with a 6” inside diameter access at the top (6-½” OD) and a 7-¾” inside diameter base (8-½” OD).  There are two 2-½” by 2-¾” access holes opposite one another at the base for inserting the clean-out sweep.  The green cover marked with “Sewer” easily twists on to the base and you are set for future servicing 

Valve box marked sewer for clean-out sweep access

Our long radius PVC clean-out sweeps do not have the same access and servicing issues often experienced with short radius fittings, such as standard plumbing fittings.  The color is white to meet various requirements for matching existing plumbing.  The ends are plain so that you can choose what you want for a plug, whether it is a threaded plug, threaded cap, ball valve, etc.  This product line is currently sold in the standard sizes shown below. 

STF-111L-0.75  to fit 3/4" pipe

STF-111L-1.00  to fit 1" pipe

STF-111L-1.25  to fit 1-1/4" pipe

STF-111L-1.50 to fit 1-1/2" pipe

STF-111L-2.00 to fit 2" pipe

Clean-out sweeps installed with threaded caps added

Click through the gallery below to see Sim/Tech products in the field and more.

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