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pvc Cam Couplings

Cam Couplings (or Cam and Groove) are a quick and easier method of connecting and disconnecting pipes and hoses.  Because there are no threads to become fouled, cam and groove couplings are popular in moderately dirty environments, such as septic tank pump chambers.  While these cam couplings are commonly available in several materials, including stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and polypropylene, Sim/Tech Filter has PVC Cam Couplings that are glue-able with PVC cement opening there use with PVC pipe.  This opens the unit to many more uses such as disconnecting pumps from discharge pipes.

pvc cam and groove cam coupling female fitting

Female End - Sizes Available with Part numbers

STF-CAMY050  female fitting for 1/2" pipe

STF-CAMY075  female fitting for 3/4" pipe

STF-CAMY100  female fitting for 1" pipe

STF-CAMY125  female fitting for 1-1/4" pipe

STF-CAMY150  female fitting for 1-1/2" pipe

STF-CAMY200  female fitting for 2" pipe

STF-CAMY300  female fitting for 3" pipe

pvc cam and groove cam coupling male fitting

Male End - Sizes Available with Part numbers

STF-CAMX050  male fitting for 1/2" pipe

STF-CAMX075  male fitting for 3/4" pipe

STF-CAMX100  male fitting for 1" pipe

STF-CAMX125  male fitting for 1-1/4" pipe

STF-CAMX150  male fitting for 1-1/2" pipe

STF-CAMX200  male fitting for 2" pipe

STF-CAMX300  male fitting for 3" pipe

Watch the couplings in action below

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