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No-Vault Pump Filters

  • 41% open area (139 square inches of open area on the 6” x 18” screen model)

  • Fits most turbine pumps (also known as deep well pumps)

  • Adds only 1/4” of height to pump making it easy to retrofit to existing systems

  • Has 3” sludge shield at the bottom of the filter

  • Disassembles for thorough cleaning if needed

  • Easy to clean surface

  • Made of PVC plastic so will not corrode

  • Self adjusting seal

  • Very light in weight so it does not make pump insertion or removal difficult

  • Screens in stock from 18” to 42” long (handling pumps up to 49-1/2" tall)

  • Also available with 316L stainless steel screen or pleated screen or custom sizes as well

The intake screens on turbine pumps are very small, intended for use in basically clean water.  As a result they can quickly clog in a wastewater application.  Some filtered vaults have been created to help resolve this issue.  However, those vaults are very expensive, very difficult to service and quite frankly they don't filter that well either.  The Sim/Tech No-Vault is an extremely less expensive and easier option.  Installed in the pump chamber it filters finer than the intake screen on the pump, while offering open areas 30 times or more than the pump intake screen.

clogged intake screen on unprotected turbine effluent pum
NO Vault pump filter for protecting the intake screen of a turbine effluent pump

Cut-away of the

No Vault

Made in the USA

U.S. Patent # 9,027,763

How does it work?

The sealing washer is installed between the pump discharge and the threaded adapter of your discharge pipe.

This sealing washer seals the top of the No-Vault where the discharge pipe and pump power cord exit.  It also keeps the No-Vault attached to the pump.

sealing washer for No Vault pump filter

Sealing Washer

The sealing washer slides up and down inside of the sealing pipe that is in the top fitting of the No-Vault which allows the No-Vault to work for many different height pumps.

sealing washer in place between pump and discharge pipe

Sealing washer installed on pump

top of no-vault pump filter

Top of No-Vault showing sealing pipe

clogged intake screen on turbine effluent pump
stainless steel version of the no-vault turbine effunt pump filter

Stainless Steel Screen

Screen sizes available in 6" diameter (for 4" diameter pumps)

STF-NV06-18-x.xx     18"  for pumps up to 25-1/2" in overall height

STF-NV06-24-x.xx     24"  for pumps up to 31-1/2" in overall height

STF-NV06-30-x.xx     30"  for pumps up to 37-1/2" in overall height

STF-NV06-36-x.xx     36"  for pumps up to 43-1/2" in overall height

STF-NV06-42-x.xx     42"  for pumps up to 49-1/2" in overall height

*x.xx is replaced by the discharge pipe size, for example 1-1/4" would be 1.25

Stainless steel screen available for the 6x18 screen unit (STF-NV06-18-x.xxSS)

Pleated screen available for the 6x24 screen unit (STF-NV06-24-x.xxPL)

Internal flow inducer is standard for 30", 36" and 42" models.  It can be added to the other models if desired, for example STF-NV06-18-x.xxBP.

pleated screen version of the no-vault turbine effluent pump filter

Pleated Screen

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