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single piece 8 foot TruCore sludge sampler better than the sludge judge

U.S. Patent # 8,261,622

Canada Pat# 2,680,305


SLudge Sampler

Made in the USA

The Sim/Tech Filter TruCore for core sampling of wastewater and other fluids.  The design of the unit allows samples to be taken without creating the excessive turbulence often associated with standard samplers.  Because there are no restrictions caused by valves, stoppers, flaps, etc., fluid is allowed to flow freely and virtually undisturbed into the sampling tube creating a true core sample of the contents of the tank.  It also has a huge sampling capacity compared to other sludge core samplers on the market.  With an inside diameter of 1-3/8” the capacity per foot is almost 10 ounces.  Use the Sim/Tech Filter TruCore for more accurate and easier sampling.  No more need to judge your sludge, use a TruCore and see the difference.

clear accurate sludge sample from septic tank
  • Accurate sampling, virtually without turbulence

  • Samples can be taken quickly

  • Inside diameter of 1-3/8” for 10 oz/ft

  • Easy to collect sample and easy to release sample

  • Takes good samples, even in thicker sludge

  • Easy to clean, straight-thru tube design

  • Marked every foot

  • Replaceable gasket and plug

  • Can be extended

  • Many lengths available - short units for grease traps

The two-piece unit is available with or without the case.  It works the same as the standard unit, but it breaks down into 2 four foot sections to allow for easier transport in smaller vehicles.  Want to make your own case?  4" drain pipe will fit up to three sections.

Common Sizes Ordered

STF-SLUDGE2         2 foot unit

STF-SLUDGE4         4 foot unit

STF-SLUDGE8         8 foot unit *see note below

STF-SLUDGE4X2     8 foot unit breaks down into 2 four foot sections

STF-SLUDGE4X3     12 foot unit breaks down into 3 four foot sections

STF-SLUDGE4X4     16 foot unit breaks down into 4 four foot sections

STF-SLUDGECUST  ask us for a quote for a size not listed

add a -NC to the part number if you don't want the case

*the single piece 8 foot unit is only sold with the case and is a few inches under 8 feet long to avoid excessive shipping charges)

The STF-SLUDGEEXT extension kit is designed to allow any 1-1/4” pvc pipe to act as an extension for the TruCore sampler up to an additional 8 feet.  Custom lengths are available upon request if a longer extension is required.  We do not supply the pvc pipe.

extension kit for trucore sludge sampler to add another 8 feet of length for deep installations

Extension Kit

Two-Piece Sampler and Case

2 piece 8 foot TruCore sludge sampler better than sludge judge
pvc case for TruCore sludge sampler

Cleaning the TruCore Sludge Sampler

cleaning brush for Trucore sludge sampler

Cleaning Brush

Dish soap or other similar cleaners are best for cleaning the TruCore as most other dirt simply flushes away when releasing the sample. ***DO NOT USE BLEACH***  Bleach will compromise the integrity of the polycarbonate tubing.  If you prefer we also offer a cleaning brush (STF-TCCB) which comes ready to accept 1/2" pvc pipe or conduit for you to attach your desired handle length.

Watch a demo of the TruCore Sludge Sampler

Watch a video on how to add the extension kit

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