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Pleated STEP FiLters

Pleated STEP filter to protect intake screen of turbine effluent pump

Pleated filtration has been commonly used in vacuum cleaners, oil filters and many other applications for decades. Now Sim/Tech Filter has adapted that proven technology to the wastewater industry. This particular product is designed for longevity in residential systems as well as the demands of commercial systems and other high volume and/or high solids applications where a high head pump commonly referred to as a turbine or “well” pump is used.

Made in the USA

  • Over 900 square inches of open area

  • Serviced without pulling the pump

  • Additional filter cartridges can be added for more filtration area

  • Additional filter legs can be added for even more filtration area

  • Flow channels in the material increase longevity

  • Different configurations can adapt to almost any situation

  • 3/32” filtration

  • External filtration greatly reduces internal debris accumulation

  • Duplex pump units available

flow channels in pleated filter material that extend service intervals

Over-lapping strands create a bi-planer design causing flow channels to be created in the material so even as debris blocks an opening on one plane there is still a pathway for effluent to travel behind on the other plane.

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