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Riser Covers

  • 8,000 lb wheel load (plastic) or 12,000 lb wheel load (cast iron)

  • Easily insulated for cold climates

  • Soft durable gasket that is factory installed

  • Self centering drop in feature

  • Retains strength in cold and hot climates

  • Can be installed without extending above grade

  • Non-slip Surface

  • Does not use an adapter ring

  • Urethane finish for ultimate UV protection and appearance

  • Fits most 24” risers and culvert pipes

  • Two screw hole patterns (24-1/4” and 24-3/4”)

  • Stainless steel screws included

  • Safety information printed on surface

  • Also available with locking web option that eliminates screws

  • Available in plastic or cast iron

heavy duty plastic tank lid

Made in the USA

Fits most 24" risers and culvert pipe such as Sim/Tech Risers, ultra-rib pipe and double wall corrugated

ultra-rib culvert pipe used as septic tank riser
segmented septic tan riser from sim/tech filter
double wall culvert pipe used as septic tank riser

Easily insulated by us or by you

insulated septic tank pump chamber lid cover

Sim/Tech Poly-carbonate/ABS Covers

The access to your septic tank, pump vault or holding tank should be easy, accessible and safe. The STF-APC24 series of covers offers a great solution for almost all systems. They fit our STF-R824B segmented riser as well as 24" culvert pipes and some other 24” risers.  They can be retrofitted to many existing systems. The STF-APC24 polycarbonate/ABS covers are the safest, strongest plastic covers to ever hit the market, with a wheel load rating of 8,000 lbs (Actual testing went to 20,000 lbs without failure). Our unique manufacturing process achieves extreme strength and durability, and is 3x thicker than most lightweight covers. Polycarbonate/ABS is used for its high strength and weather durability, and like no other cover we use a 2 component urethane finish for extended UV protection. This versatile cover is diamond plated and flat for easy foot traffic and lawn maintenance. It has 4 holes and 4 drillable dimples in two different hole patterns for universal fastening and the ability to fit multiple 24” diameter risers.  Safety information is printed on each cover.  A soft gasket provides a good seal on various surfaces and our positive drop-in feature assures proper cover and gasket placement and makes alignment and installation easy. The overlapping design keeps debris away from the access hole unlike recessed covers.  The riser can also be brought to the surface without the cover extending above grade like concrete risers and covers. Because of its rib-less design it is easily insulated with Styrofoam for cold climates.

Sim/Tech Insulated Covers

Sim/Tech Polycarbonate/ABS covers are available to order with factory installed insulation.  We recommend the encapsulated version, the STF-APC24GI-1.50 (green) or STF-APC24BI-1.50 (black).  It is insulated with 1-1/2” of Styrofoam insulation that is protected on the underside of the cover by polyethylene.  We also offer lower cost insulated versions without the polyethylene protection.  When ordering, simply specify the insulation thickness at the end of the part number.

STF-APC24GI-1.00 for 1” insulation

STF-APC24GI-1.50 for 1-1/2” encapsulated insulation

STF-APC24GI-2.00 for 2” insulation

If you prefer black covers change the G to a B

insulated septic tank pump chamber lid cover

1-1/2" insulation (encapsulated w/plastic)

Sim/Tech Locking Covers

U.S. Patent # 8,453,386

locking cover for pump chambe or septic tank

Locking Web

Push Release Tool

If you are looking to eliminate screws to make service access quicker, easier, and safer add the patent pending locking web as an option to the Sim/Tech Filter polycarbonate/ABS cover.  The six leg locking web is pushed down to be disengaged.  A special tool is required for this to be performed.  Unlocking and removing the tool reengages the locking web. The locking feature is especially valuable in situations that require frequent access.  When ordering this product you will need to specify whether you will be using it on a Sim/Tech riser, an ultra rib pipe riser or a double wall corrugated riser.  If you have a different cover or riser you would like a lock feature for please contact customer service for more information.

Sim/Tech Cast Iron Covers

The STF-CI24 has all of the main benefits of the poly-carbonate/ABS cover plus a stronger wheel load rating (12,000 lbs).  It also weighs in at over 65 lbs for added protection against children removing it if someone looses or forgets to put the screws back in after service.

Click through the gallery below to see Sim/Tech products in the field and more.

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