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FLoat Checking Tool

Made in the USA

float checking tool for pump floats and high level sensor floats

Sim/Tech Filter offers a simple tool for testing pump and alarm floats by manually activating the float.  You can also use this method to manually operate a pump float to pump down a pump chamber, run a head test on a pressure system, etc.

The tool easily slides over the top of the float or them bottom and grips as you pull up and away from the float tree.  This makes it much easier to get the float then trying to scoop it with a shovel or other tool.  The design also does not allow the float to fall off like what often happens when using other methods.

The float check is offered two ways.  One comes with a folding handle that when straightened offers a 4 foot reach as well as a hook that you can attach to something such as the side of a riser if you want a pump to run without having to manually hold the float up.

The other is a short 6 inch handle that accepts 1/2" pvc pipe or conduit so that you can make a handle length that suits your needs.


Float checking tool with folding handle


float checking tool with short add your own handle

Watch the Float Check in action below

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