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Large Pump Screens

Made in the USA

large pump screen for effluent pumps
  • 1/8” perforated polypropylene

  • Built in Float Tree Bracket

  • “J” Hook Wire Organizer

  • High Strength construction

  • Unit weighs less than 16 pounds

  • Base excepts concrete for extra weight

  • 2” raised bottom

  • 13-1/2” Inside Diameter

  • 15-1/2” Outside Diameter

  • 48” overall height

  • Over 850 square inches of open area

  • Over 69,000 1/8” round holes

  • Lid can be added, but not standard

1/8 inch filtration

1/8" perforations

float tree bracket and j-hook factory installed

Float Tree



Durable Construction

The large diameter Sim/Tech Pump Screen offers filtration ahead of an open impeller pump or even a turbine pump**.  The standard unit (STF-1548P125) is 15" in diameter and 48" tall and handles most situations.  Other sizes are available upon request, but may require some lead time.

** The Sim/Tech No-Vault and Pleated STEP filters are recommended for turbine pumps.  For the best protection of a pressurized discharge field we recommend the STF-100A2 pressure filter.

Some Examples of Modifications

short pump screen basket with lid

Short unit with plain lid

pump screen with lid, pipe boot and grommets installed

Lid with grommets & pipe boot installed

stainless steel hydrant intake screen filter

A unit made of stainless steel perf for a hydrant intake

extra tall large pump screen pump filter

A stacking unit

10 feet tall

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