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INDUSTRY NEWS:  ANUA Completes Acquisition of SIM/TECH Filter

Welcome to Sim/Tech Filter 

Our products are designed to protect onsite wastewater systems, also known as septic systems.  They not only protect those systems, but they optimize their performance as well as make them easier to install and maintain 24-7-365.  Our products are adaptable to many different situations to help you prevent, correct or identify many different issues that an onsite wastewater system can have. 

pressure effluent filter

Pressure Filter

Gravity septic tank effluent filter

Bristle Filters

pleated gravity septic tank effluent filter

Pleated Gravity Filter

pleated STEP filter for turbine pump protection

Pleated STEP Filters

no-vault turbine pump filter


Pump Filter

large pump filter for effluent pumps

Large Pump Screen

orifice shields for pressurized effluent discharge laterals

Orifice Shields

riser to bring tank access to grade


riser covers for septic tanks and pump chambers

Riser Covers

safety net or kid catcher for septic tanks and pump chambers

Safety Nets

pipe stands for chamber systems like ADS and infiltrator


Pipe Stands

cleanout sweep for pressurized discharge laterals

Cleanout Sweeps

float checking tool for pump float inspection

Float Checking Tool

guide corner for setting septic tanks


Guide Corners

float tree clamps, brackets, holders, wire organizers

Float Tree Accesories

Trucore sludge sampler better than sludg judge

Sludge Samplers

sludge scraper tool for septic tank pumping and cleaning

Sludge Plow

cut-off saw for culvert pipe, ultrarip pipe, black double wall corrugated pipe risers

Cut-off Saw

for Ultra Rib Risers

pvc cam and groove cam coupling
pvc cam and groove cam coupling

Cam Couplings (pvc)

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