Pipe Stands

  • No Straps to deal with

  • Easy shipping and storage

  • Independent from chamber

  • Easily adjustable to different spacing (squeeze and release)

  • Holds bottom of pipe 6 inches from trench bottom

  • Squirt test can be done with pipe in place

  • Assemble pipe stands on pipe before placement in trench

  • Pipes remain level for accurate distribution and drainage 

  • Large Pressurized Chamber System

  • Large Pressurized Drain Stone Field

Save time, money and hassle by using the Bowtie pipe stand in your chamber systems or even your media drain field.

Made in the USA

U.S. Patent # 8,603,332

Canada Pat# 2,619,627

Available in the following sizes

STF-BTPS-1.00  to fit 1" pipe

STF-BTPS-1.25  to fit 1-1/4" pipe

STF-BTPS-1.50  to fit 1-1/2" pipe

STF-BTPS-2.00  to fit 2" pipe

STF-BTPS-3.00  to fit 3" pipe

Also available for low-profile chambers if you add a LP to the end of the part number.  Low-Profile stands require advance order.

Click through the gallery below to see Sim/Tech products in the field and more.

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Large Chamber System

Large chamber system installation using bow tie pipe stands. You can perform a squirt test before covering with chambers.